Why Musical Clothing?

Indian Traditional art has been a great source of inspiration for all creative initiatives. 7NOTES – The Musical Clothing is also, one such concept inspired by Indian Classical Music, which has not been explored in this dimension much.

Promoting Indian Classical Music

To reach out to a larger audience, clothing can be considered the best medium. 7NOTES designs are inspired by Indian Classical Music which will create a visual impact on the non-musical audience and would make them aware of the great art of Indian Classical Music.

Techniques & Fabrics

Techniques used for creating these products are mostly manual. We aim at creating an elegant impact with our product that effectively represents the identity of India. Hand Block Printing with little embellishment on Indian Handwoven textiles,  syncs best with the theme line. Fabrics like Handwoven Maheshwari Cotton Silk, Cotton from the south, Silk, and Khadi are the ones, we select as a base of our products.

7 Notes Exclusive - Packaging

“Sustainable” & “Eco-Friendly” is what we have chosen for our product Packaging. All material used for packaging is biodegradable and cause minimum harm to our environment. With such initiatives, we try to bring a perfect harmony with our product and concept.


“Raagini” is a collection of beautiful 6yard long fabric,that elegantly projects the feminine aspect of Indian Classical Music. 6 different varieties of colors and prints on Maheshwari handwoven sarees, that relates to 6 melodious Raaginis in Indian Classical Music.
As the term ‘Sangeet’ is defined as the combination of Vocal, dance & Instrument, similarly our Collection ‘Sangeet’ is a beautiful amalgamation of Rich Indian Folk art, Textiles and Musical Instruments, creatively brought together on Maheshwari and organic cotton stoles.