7 Notes - The Musical Clothing Gallery

About Us

We are the only pioneer of music-based clothing in India that is exclusively inspired by Indian Classical Music. We intend to support Indian art, culture, and music through our initiative! Its the start and we want to imprint the great future of music and art of India to the wider audiences!

We would try to bring out the best possible products that can be created through this collaborative concept.


This unique concept is initiated by Anuja Valunjkar from Indore, who is a fashion designer and a student of Indian Classical Music. Her dual Art interest was an ignition to initiate this creative combination of Music & Clothing, which is centered with the traditional Arts of India. The Inspiration and ideology of her Music Guru Shri Gautam Kale motivated her to turn this rare combination into a Clothing brand that is open to all innovative creations, inspired by Indian Arts.

Why Musical Clothing?

Indian Traditional art has been a great source of inspiration for all creative initiatives. 7NOTES – The Musical Clothing is also, one such concept inspired by Indian Classical Music, which has not been explored in this dimension much.

Promoting Indian Classical Music

To reach out to a larger audience, clothing can be considered the best medium. 7NOTES designs are inspired by Indian Classical Music which will create a visual impact on the non-musical audience and would make them aware of the great art of Indian Classical Music.

Techniques & Fabrics

Techniques used for creating these products are mostly manual. We aim at creating an elegant impact with our product that effectively represents the identity of India. Hand Block Printing with little embellishment on Indian Handwoven textiles,  syncs best with the theme line. Fabrics like Handwoven Maheshwari Cotton Silk, Cotton from the south, Silk, and Khadi are the ones, we select as a base of our products.